On first glance, the VOYA website is not so visually appealing. I didn’t know what VOYA stood for, so I had to find that out first. Then I knew I was looking at a YA literature magazine. I’m also glad I read the “About” section to see about their ranking system for books. I like that they rank both the quality and popularity of each book since those don’t always match up. I clicked around on a few of the links on the main site and was a little disappointed. I wanted to read the new Science column that they said would be in the Oct. 2016 issue, but there wasn’t a link. Just the article saying they were starting a science column in 2016 in the February, June, and October issues. After looking a little closer, the “new column” article was from 2015. Then I tried to see more columns, but when you click on the title you only get the little blurb about it with no actual link or column. Maybe this is just a teaser to get you to subscribe to the print version, but I just found it frustrating.

I did see a list of their “Perfect 10” books with a score of 5 for quality and 5 for popularity. This is a downloadable pdf, so it is something I can refer to later when I need a new book to recommend to my students. There were lots of options and a little summary of each book.

Next I clicked on the featured book review of “Wildings” by Eleanor Glewwe. It sounds interesting to me, so I might check it out personally (if not for use in my classroom). I like that they said it is not really a sequel, but does have some of the same characters and the same setting as another book by the same author.

Overall, I would only use the VOYA site if I am specifically looking for a review of a YA book. It isn’t convenient to just browse through articles, since there aren’t many on the site. Maybe the print version has more information than their website, but based on website alone I do not think I would use this as one of my main resources.